Emergency Programme


If you have an interview coming up soon!

Emergency Interview Session

This programme is for you if you are in a drastic hurry; there is an interview coming up within days and you do not have the time for the full programme.

In it we combine the two sessions of the full programme into one session.

In the first part, we interview you for the job in question or one similar to it using the job description and person specification that you will have with you, or if not available, ones that we will supply.


We score you on an interview evaluation chart, that we use to select candidates for companies, and give you immediate feedback on how you have done, noting your strengths and your shortcomings.

We then revisit your weakest answers and work on those. We point out to you what you should be saying and how to say it.

We discuss any queries that you might have; give you a comprehensive set of notes to remind you how and what to practice and then send you on your way to practice at home for the real thing.

Become more confident in your self and be able to stand out from the competition in your next job interview!

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